We in Veo offer sellruns to the latest raidcontent, and in most cases for a fair price. We usually have different bundles for different types of buyers, for big and small wallets. During the expansions we have successfully helped quite a few people, and you can find reviews of our previous boosts by previous buyers on the Frostmane forum.

Current sellruns

The Nighthold

Normal Full clear with Personal loot – 250 k gold

Trial of Valor

Heroic Full clear with Master loot – 150 k gold


Here in Veo, we only accept pure
in-game payments. We charge 20 %
of the total price at the time of the reservation, and the rest in front of the first boss. This works as a security to minimize the risk of a late change of mind.


If you have decided to purchase a boost from us, you should get in contact by adding our officers b-tag, Norrby#2356. Happy raiding!